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How can I get a Hauntbox?

Our current batch is completely sold out. Please contact us if you are interested in the next batch.

What is the Hauntbox?

For the quickest introduction to the Hauntbox, please watch our Kickstarter video.

Is there a demo of the controls?

Yes! There is a demo (that doesn't save) that you can play with here: hauntbox.net/storage/demo/gui.htm

Does the Hauntbox work on iOS 7?

Yes. The latest Safari (Apple's built in web broswer) broke a lot of javacript around the web. We're still working on fixing the Hauntbox, so in the meantime, download the free Google Chrome from the App Store.

Proudly Open Source

Find our source code on github where you can happily hack, and help make haunting awesomer.